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Locera SaaS Registration
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The following describes Locera SaaS registration and order information


Customer Email

After signing up for Locera SaaS, you will receive an email with registration and order information. The following is an example registration email. 


Software Registration

Dear Customer,

Please use the following Registration Key and Customer ID for activating your Locera Software services. 

Registration Key

<registration key>

Customer ID

<customer ID>
Attention: Please save this Registration Key and Customer ID as you will need it for future reference and to add new users.

Temporary Login

Please access your Locera Software Services at and enter your temporary login information.
To reset/update your password, click "Forgot Password."

UserName: <user-name>
Password: <password>


Software Requirements

SW/HW Requirements: Attachment; <sw/hw requirements document>

Dot net 6 installed - Download link: <dotnet download link>


Delivery Information

Buyer Name: 
Purchase Order: 
Email Delivery Address: 
End Customer: 
With the activation of the Locera Service, the customer herewith accepts the Terms of Use in the actual Locera Software, unless otherwise agreed in written form.

Customer Support

In case you have any issue with Locera Software or have further questions, please contact our Locera Customer Care Team via:



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